What is "-XX:+UseCompressedOops" ? – how to reduce of memory by Eclipse ?

Most HotSpot JVM in the last year have had it on by default. This option allows references to be 32-bit in a 64-bit JVM and access close to 32 GB of heap. (more than 32-bit pointers can) (You can have near unlimited off heap memory as well). This can save a significant amount of memory and potentially improve performance.

If you want to use this option I suggest you update to a version which has it on by default as there may have been a good reason, such as bugs, why it wasn't enabled previously. Try Java 6 update 23 or Java 7 update 5.

In short, don't turn it on, use a version which has it on by default.

Of course, the modification of Eclipse settings are in eclipse.ini file. 

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Fast import of all plugins to new instance of Eclipse

Start fresh and install plugins from an old install
The idea here is that you want to keep your old install intact, download a new indigo package (http://download.eclipse.org/) and just adds the existing plugins to your install. With Indigo this is now made super easy!
Step 1: Download and unzip your Indigo install: http://download.eclipse.org
Step 2: Import your plug-ins from your previous install by doing File > Import > Install > From existing install, pick your old install, select the plug-ins and there you go! You can chose to go piece meal, or chose to pick several entries, in any event dependency analysis will be performed to check the validity of the install.
Step 3: Click next a couple times and patiently wait for the bytes to download to your machine. Then restart and enjoy!

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